My Amazing Singapore- An SM1 Scholar Documentary

An SM1 Scholar Documentary depicts scenes of SM1 scholars' lives in Singapore. It presents Singapore as a dynamic multi- cultural society to new scholars. Besides documenting colorful hostel life and school life, the film also describes bonding activities among scholars, which appear to be lively and joyful. Unlike conventional tour commercials, the film looks at the cultural and ethnic complexity of Singapore on a more down-to-earth level. Instead of showing the magnificence of this cosmopolitan metropolis, it profoundly explores the Singapore's normal way of life and some unique local stories. By deeply connecting with the most fundamental cultural aspects of Singapore, the film presents the multi-facted nature of scholar's lives.

Name of Participant:Li Yingda 李颖达
Name of Director:Wang Zhongyu 王中钰, Li Yingda 李颖达
Leading Actor Name :Nitin, Luo Ziyu, Zhang Hengchao, Hong Pengkai
Film Genre :Documentary film

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新加坡是你土生土长、还是落地生根的地方?这块岛屿是你和家人的全部记忆,还是让你情有独钟、流连忘返?让我们拿起摄像机、手机,以微电影来纪录对这块土地的情感。无论是成长记忆、生活点滴,还是浪漫情事、动人篇章,只要和这块土地有关,都是 “我的新加坡故事”。


"My Singapore Story" Micro Film Competition
Are you born and raised here, or is Singapore the adopted home you came to love? Does this tiny island hold the memories of you and your family? Do you find yourself dreaming of Singapore while you are overseas? Capture these stories through your camera, mobile phone or other recording devices, and commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with us!

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